Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Whatever happened to David and Sarah?

Google happened. Seems they now have something to do with this blogger site or at least we had to put our google password in to gain access and guess what I couldn’t remember it but after some long hard experimentation I guessed right. So here we are back. In fact its been a super relaxing trip back but devoid of any really memorable moments that seemed worth writing about anyway so you haven’t missed much! 

We found some great moorings, one near Dorchester on Thames which is a fascinating small town with history going back to iron age times. From there up through Oxford and back on to the canal with a few days in Thrupp to do some maintenance and painting to the boat and then hence up to Braunston and back to the marina where we arrived yesterday. A couple of months early really as we had planned not to be back until the end of October to coincide with the boat being blacked but Sarah’e hip is giving her severe problems so we want to get back to get that sorted and will come back to the boat to take it for blacking.

The other blot on the landscape is that on arriving back at the marina yesterday I went to get the car to find it battery was totally flat, not a major problem as our neighbour kindly gave it a jump start but when I went to drive it I had the most excruciating noise from under the bonnet. Someone who knows thinks that a suspension strut has broken - how that happened when the car hasn’t moved for months heaven knows but it has meant a call to the AA who will be here tomorrow and probably load up the car on a trailer and take us home. Hey ho. Anyway a slightly sad end to what has been a thoroughly enjoyable, if tiring,summers cruising.

See you all next year.


Anyone fancy a large garden shed for £575,000? On an island in the middle of Thames at Henley, you will need a boat to access it

Steam launch at Goring

Toll cottage at Dorchester on Thames

View of Thames from Whittenham Clumps Dorchester

Stormy sky on Oxford Canal

Pastoral scene at Clayden

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  1. All the pictures you shared are beautiful and amazing specially Stormy sky on Oxford Canal. I loved that hut on this pic. Keep sharing some more beautiful pictures with us.